Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our 1st exploration.

Saturday, we went exploring the vast green and apparently hidden expanses, nestled partly in Delhi and partly in Gurgaon.

Needless to say, we all(Moon, Ozaan, Zuzu & me along with a few ring-side seat warmers) had a ball. Chasing cranes and just running around in open greens.

Moon & Ozaan just let themselves loose and took to the fields with gay abandon. While Zuzu(my Labrador), most probably got a hang of what we were there for and was occupied sniffing around with serious intent. The clouds would peep in and out from time to time, though never playing a spoilt sport even for a moment.

In all, it was absolutely great for a first time experience. Thanks to Vijayji for his warmth and hospitality, not to miss, of course the nimbu-paani.

The next trip promises to be more fun, according to Vijayji, as some scouting veterans are going to join us. Think, we all are looking forward to it, me in particular.

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canis india said...

I really enjoyed the pics!Thanks for sharing.Nothing like seeing dogs out in the field and in their element.I'm sure this is the first of many enjoyable outings!

Debashish Das said...

thanks's always a pleasure to share these with you...and i enjoyed clicking those...couldn't give my undivided attention to clicking though,you know why...ya, am all out to make it a weekly ritual...wish me luck

Trips said...

Amazing i love the pics!!! Initially i was scared of them...but their charm, free spirit ...helped me relate to them.Ozaan though a bit naughty..moon on the other hand is a beauty.elegant our lady is. I might ask you for a gift one day jiju...till then i am content with the gang :)


poornima menon said...

brilliant pictures! they look like they r having such a blast! ozaan truly is a dream.. n moon of course just being the princes tht she is.. they hav an amazingly inspiring spirit.. cant wait to see my cookie soar lik tht.. good luc!

Debashish Das said...

Thanks Baccha...thanks Poornima...for all you know you might not have to ask for the gift...if am thinking, what you are(he,he)....Cookie will soar, Poornima...and am looking forward to that day as well...

Divya said...


Lovely pictures :) I miss all of them even though we met only once...I miss my dogs Julie and Laura too. There were a couple of dogs on our campus, but the admn is very very unfriendly towards them :( and most of the students of course. Anyway, whenever I come next, hope to see you all (the entire family) and have another chat about dogs, :) Keep writing!

And of course sometime, after college, maybe get a caravan puppy too, through you...far away dreams at the moment.


Debashish Das said...

Thanks Divya for the kind words...will look forward to seeing you soon, hopefully with Laura & Julie...and just let me know whenever you are ready to welcome a Caravan in your life, i'll be more than happy to be of help...

Bijoy said...

You won't believe it. I got a beautiful Pashimi pup. He's been with me for 3 mts now. A handsome 6 month old Pashmi called Pharaoh. Lovely dog. Very very rare I'm told. Will post pics soon.

Debashish Das said...

Hey Bijoy,
Congrats...where/from whom(breeder) did you get him ...what colour is Pharaoh. Will look forward to seeing his pics.