Friday, July 4, 2008

A 27yr old dream

Am thrilled. Excited. Overwhelmed and a bit saddened at the same breath.
Day before, when Prasad shared the news, his attempts to hold back the excitement fell apart...the peeping palpability in his voice gave it away.
Cash was declared DOG OF THE YEAR BEST BRED IN INDIA 2007/2008. CH.KARBEN'S SUGAR, by the KCI.
A first of firsts. Because, no Indian breed has ever done this. A first for Cash as well, who could easily pass of as a veteran at winning shows, not to forget, a first and a dream come true for Prasad, who has made a habit out of nurturing and breeding show winning Karwanis for sometime now.
Finally, realisation of a dream, Prasad has lived for 27 years now. Over 16 generations of Karwanis, since he had his first Karwani as a 13 year old.
I think, i know how he must be feeling, just from the fact that i feel lucky, proud and humbled having Ozaan(Cash's son from Mindy) in my life.

But today as i said, it saddens me to realise that it has taken us or the KCI, so many years to recognise a true beauty of nature.
And also, thinking that it takes dogs shows to wake some of us up to this mesmerising and free spirited animal.

P.S. : In picture here, the one & only CASH; Picture courtesy : Prasad Mayekar

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