Friday, July 18, 2008

Caravan going places!

Yet another feather in the cap. Both for Prasad Mayekar and the Karwani, as a breed.
After Canada, now a 5 month old Caravan Hound, named Indy(Cash's grand-daughter), goes to Holland. The first Karwani to go outside India was Neil Trilokekar's beautiful bitch Rukmani ,again from Karbens, Prasad's kennel, way back in 2004.

With fingers crossed, i sincerely hope the big bosses(AKC) are taking notice. Because, until & unless American Kennel Council(AKC) recognises the Karwani as a breed, they stand on grounds of obscurity(on the world stage) except for Holland, Canada and their motherland, India. What an irony! What a pity!

*In picture here Indy with Prasad(top) & Prasad with Cash & Indy(bottom)
Pic courtesy: Prasad Mayekar

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SAAHIL said...

Hi Debashis you have done magnificent work on Caravan hound. The pics are really worth for the promotion of Caravan hound. So it is my request you to please open those pics to other sites also.
I have really interested to own a Caravan, but before that I want to know from you few answer.

1)What is it's price range?
2)Do they accept minimum obedience training?
3)What is their regular food habit?
4)Are they aggressive than German Shepperd and Dovermann?
5)When they get angry what they do?

Please answer me these qustions

Debashish Das said...

Saahil, thanks for the praise & compliments...can't open the pics to other sites as am under legal obligation towards my publishers, with regard to my book on Caravans. It's great to know you wish to adopt a Karwani, but let me tell you upfront, that this is not a breed for everyone. This is a fiercely independent breed, with a mind of his/her own. So, it is not advisable for people who can not admire & respect it's free spirited nature, to adopt or even think of adopting this breed. coming to your queries:
1)The price range ranges from 4-5 K to 8-10 K, depending on the pedigree, the place you are picking it from & the breeder(in case of one).
2) Yes they accept obedience training, provided you do it with love. No force or harsh treatment will work on them, might work for short period of time but you can forget that training in the long run. And, never forget a Karwani's natural hunting instincts. It has a tremendous prey drive and all training might seem useless once it locates a prey and shoots for it.
3) Karwanis are survivors. They can go for days without food & water. they can also do without vet care. Having said that, a dog is the reflection of the food it eats & the environment it is brought up in. So, the better the food you serve the better the dog you have(of course not always, there are other factors as well).
4) No dog is or has aggression without rhyme or reason. Mostly aggression, misplaced aggression or the lack of it can be attributed to human influence. Karwanis are true warriors by nature. Hunting is their vocation. They do not like to fight. But if pushed, can be lethal as they do not know to backtrack or step aside. And, they are extremely possessive about their family. Any threat or danger to their family would result in anger or aggression taking form.
5) They are free spirited & happy dogs who don't get angry unless provoked, and when they do, they defend their bastion, at times this might seem like attacking or going for the kill.
Hope this answers your queries for the time being. If you have more question, please feel free to post them. I'll try and answer them to the best of my whatever little knowledge i have about them. Also, you could go through the other posts/comments, those might just help in getting a better perspective.

Manoj said...

1)My basic question is tat are there any differences between Caravan hound n Mudhol hound?
2)please give me contact details of caravan hound breeders, as i am in Bangalore,breeders in karnataka would be more comfortable.