Thursday, January 15, 2009

Prasad's Interview - KCI-FCI-GKC Dog Show 08

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arun said...

very nice dogs!

Debashish Das said...

Thanks Arun!

agkallapur said...

hai deb,when saw ur blog,i am very much intrested about carvan hound and i bought 2 puppy ,one is 3 month and another is 1 and half month.presently i gvng them milk and nutro pet,what is the best diet for puppy and adult carvan,if it is pure veg then better.cause i am pure vegtrn

Debashish Das said...

Hi AG,
This by far is the best compliment my Karwans, the blog & i have received. Coming to your query. I personally have had a bad experience with Nutripet, so wouldn't recommend it. The packed food i give is either Bento or Royal Canin's A3. Since you are a vegetarian, maybe you can try home cooked rice, vegetables with a bit of soya or paneer. The best would be to consult a vet if are really keen on giving them a balanced veg diet. And, Milk is neither a balanced diet for dog nor it should be taken as a substitute for water. Over consumption of milk may even cause diarrhea.
By the way where did you buy the pups from?