Thursday, January 15, 2009

KCI/FCI/Gurgaon Dog Show 08

Prasad drove down from Mumbai with Cash and Fizza. So, i had no other way but to land for the show with Moon and Ozaan the next morning. There was a decent crowd, inclusive of around 300 dogs, if am not wrong.

Both Ozaan and Moon were a bit nervous. This was the first time they were in the middle of something like this. The two days were fun for us but a bit taxing for the dogs, specially for Caravans as they aren't too fond of crowds.

Cash, as always won 3-4 Best in Breed and Fizza also a few trophies. Moon completed three CCs, thus becoming a champion. Ozaan we are not sure, till the results come by post. But, think he also completed his quota of three CCs.

Overall it was a good first time experience, but money spoke and in Nagaraj Shetty & Dorraiswami's tune. I came face to face with the murky underbelly of dog shows in India. Where, if you have the money, you can import dogs, bribe the KCI secretary and take home the awards. Whispers of arrest warrant against the KCI secretary were doing the rounds as he was nowhere to be seen when he was supposed to be judging. Ring stewards were prompting judges as to how to go about their business. So, much so for a first time was really gripping and absorbing. Surely, more than a Bollywood pot boiler.

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Ayushi said...

Hey your pups are looking good infact i think Ozaan is better than his father Cash[i hope Prasad isnt reading this!!]though am sure he must be very proud...

Debashish Das said...

Thanks Ayushi! appreciate it...ya, Prasad is extremely porud..