Friday, February 6, 2009


In my short experience with the Karwani pashmi so far i can say that i have been amused,exasperated,annoyed and overjoyed! and sometimes all in the course of the same day! Karmic is stubborn,high energy,vocal and very bright.He loves company whether its human or of his own kind and has an obsession with sitting on any high perch from where he can get a good view even if it means climbing up on the cars roof!!

I think this breed is suited for those people who can give them lots of love and exercise and also a fair dose of firm but kind discipline.In the right home they will be a joy to own and as they bond closely with their owners they are protective of them and thus make effective watch dogs.I absolutely adore these beautiful hounds and am enjoying my experience with my pup.
Well these are my thoughts so far about my doggy and the breed in general!

Post by Ayushi Beri about her Pashmi Karmic

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maduban naturals said...

A very nice post. Can you pl tell me if the pashmi is good with children? If so can you pl let me know where I can get a pup?

Debashish Das said...

Yes Pashmis & Caravans are good with children ...there are some photos of my nephew with my Caravan Ozaan in the earlier posts....& please check this post out for details on where to get your pup from...