Monday, November 3, 2008

Om, Ozaan & Moon

Last week my sister was over with my nephew Om from Bangalore. Om's about to turn two. Though he has met Ozaan twice & Moon once, I think he was too young to remember them. This time around he seemed a bit uncomfortable with five dogs around him at the beginning. And, this seemed to perplex Ozaan a bit. He would go upto Om from time to time and try to be friends with him.

By the second day Om was showing his drawing to Moon, waking her up from her sleep and was jumping around with Ozaan. Asking for him when he was not to be seen around. To cut a long story short, Om was in his elements.

Here are some photographs i managed to click on the third day. These images are for all those people who keep asking me from time to time how Karwanis are with children. And, specially for some experts who have always maintained that Karwanis are not safe with children. Hope you all enjoy this visual testimony of a Karwani's temperament.

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Mahua said...

Hello Debashish,

I must thank you on this one. You have indeed addressed a major area of concern for most of the people,i.e,is a particular breed of dog good with children? This shows that Karwanis are good and trustworthy with children.Apart from what you have written about Ozaan and Moon's behaviour with Om, it is quite visible in the pics that both the Karwanis like the child and are comfortable with him and will not hurt him.

Debashish Das said...

As always, the pleasure's mine Mahua. Thank you for writing in. Ya, this is a question mark i get to see on lot of faces. And, this time around i was lucky to capture these moments on camera.

rashmi said...

Hi I am Rashmi from Bangalore. I have a female Mudhol and her name is Sakhi- meaning friend. We named her Sakhi because shes v v friendly with all the family members and with all the other dogs in the house, we have 2 miniature poms and a cocker spaniel too. Shes very very friendly with my son 12 yrs and daughter 2 yrs. Shes got 4 pups now and I am on a lookout for really good owners for them. If anyone is genuinely interested pls let me know. Contact

Rashmi said...


Please have a look at my blog

Debashish Das said...

Rashmi hi,
Thanks for writing in. I just saw your comments here and followed up with your blog. I like your Karwani, Sakhi. Can you please put up pics of the Sire. And, where did you get Sakhi from? What is her height? How old is she? Also, do keep me posted on your Karwani front and whenever you have a brindle pup.