Tuesday, August 12, 2008

thaak na ektu, uruk na praanta!

chokhe-chokhe kauto kautha-i na hoto
kakhuno phoring er mauto lafiye
ek dustu jhloke takiye
chute jano setting sun ke freeze frame kaurar ek jehaad
aaro ek ghaunta khelbo, ekhon darao!

kakhuno majraat e jhuup kore
bichanay uuthe

aamader majhkhane paasbalish ke
ke hey tumi chokhe, du paulok takiye
chupi sare tene bichanar theke matite pathiye
taar jagay adhikar jaaniye suye paura

kautobaar-i na bauka khe
chhol-chhole, korun nayone takiye prosno kaura
kaeno aamar-i ba ki dosh
aaj bhujhi sei korun, dustu, misti chokher aabegh
kautobaar je boleche aamake
thaak na ektu, uruk na praanta
aamar kache toh besi din aar nayee

In memory of Parsha(For those who can't make out : The poetry is in bangla or bengali; the title is : 'let my soul soar'(transliteration is : let a bit remain, let my heart & spirit soar) the poetry talks about our(Parsha & mine) conversations. Which we mostly used to have, just looking into each other's eyes.
It talks about instances when his looks would be naughty, loving, caring and at times commanding. It also talks of a host of other emmotions & feelings as well. But above all one particular look/expression, which i have come to understand now(after he has passed away), is that of a plea, when he'd be scolded upon a mischief(which on lot of occassions would be just running away, chasing birds and not coming home when Zuzu(my Labrador) & Sultan(my Rottweiler) would be back), which seemed to say "thaak na ektu, uruk na praanta...aamar kaache toh besi din aar nayee(let a bit remain, let my heart & spirit soar because i don't have too much time) ".

P.S. : i will post the poetry in Bangla script very soon.

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