Monday, July 28, 2008

Bhagam-bhag (Ozaan & Moon)

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Caravan going places!

Yet another feather in the cap. Both for Prasad Mayekar and the Karwani, as a breed.
After Canada, now a 5 month old Caravan Hound, named Indy(Cash's grand-daughter), goes to Holland. The first Karwani to go outside India was Neil Trilokekar's beautiful bitch Rukmani ,again from Karbens, Prasad's kennel, way back in 2004.

With fingers crossed, i sincerely hope the big bosses(AKC) are taking notice. Because, until & unless American Kennel Council(AKC) recognises the Karwani as a breed, they stand on grounds of obscurity(on the world stage) except for Holland, Canada and their motherland, India. What an irony! What a pity!

*In picture here Indy with Prasad(top) & Prasad with Cash & Indy(bottom)
Pic courtesy: Prasad Mayekar

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our 1st exploration.

Saturday, we went exploring the vast green and apparently hidden expanses, nestled partly in Delhi and partly in Gurgaon.

Needless to say, we all(Moon, Ozaan, Zuzu & me along with a few ring-side seat warmers) had a ball. Chasing cranes and just running around in open greens.

Moon & Ozaan just let themselves loose and took to the fields with gay abandon. While Zuzu(my Labrador), most probably got a hang of what we were there for and was occupied sniffing around with serious intent. The clouds would peep in and out from time to time, though never playing a spoilt sport even for a moment.

In all, it was absolutely great for a first time experience. Thanks to Vijayji for his warmth and hospitality, not to miss, of course the nimbu-paani.

The next trip promises to be more fun, according to Vijayji, as some scouting veterans are going to join us. Think, we all are looking forward to it, me in particular.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Caravan finds home.

I walked into our new apartment eagerly anticipating a rambunctious little furball. What i found instead was a scrawny little puppy with the biggest saddest eyes u ever saw! My heart dropped at the possibility that this shy creature would probably never appeal to the rest of the coven.
Prachita and i had little idea of just how tumultuous our caravan ride would be. Before we knew it our life became a blur of pedigree pellets, soiled newspapers, vet visits, puppy obsessed conversations and fervent google searches. Our social life was the household joke. But neither the extensive responsibility nor the critical disapproval fazed our avid dog lover spirit. We rarely saw anything beyond our baby girl anymore.
Unfortunately a heartless landlord and an aggressive confrontation later we were forced to face the music we had shied away from hearing for so long. Cookie would have to leave. But where? Who would have place for our beloved 2 month old caravan who was only just recovering from her life? Our frantic search led us to Debashish, a hopeless dog lover and caravan hound enthusiast. A few brief but heartfelt discussions later we came to a conclusion, cookie's new family would be Mr Sharma. So cookie and i set off to Gurgaon to meet her new parents. Despite my paranoia, all our love and care was only too evident in her confidence and enthusiasm when she met Debashish and his beautiful children. Everything went perfect and cookie settled in beautifully.
Retracing my steps alone was too heartbreaking to elaborate. I could barely remember a time without her. She'd filled every crevice in our lives with her uninhibited love. I wanted to turn back and get her. I wanted her to say she'd never forget and always miss us. I wanted to scream at her for being so ok when i felt shattered. I did none of these things. I guess life always works out after all. But i know i'm speaking for Prachi and myself when i say that those tiny paw prints have been tattooed on our hearts for good.

Poornima Menon

Poornima & Prachi's(Pune) Caravan pup found a home with Anil Sharma(Gurgaon), as they had to put her up for adoption owing to objections from their landlord.

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Friday, July 4, 2008

A 27yr old dream

Am thrilled. Excited. Overwhelmed and a bit saddened at the same breath.
Day before, when Prasad shared the news, his attempts to hold back the excitement fell apart...the peeping palpability in his voice gave it away.
Cash was declared DOG OF THE YEAR BEST BRED IN INDIA 2007/2008. CH.KARBEN'S SUGAR, by the KCI.
A first of firsts. Because, no Indian breed has ever done this. A first for Cash as well, who could easily pass of as a veteran at winning shows, not to forget, a first and a dream come true for Prasad, who has made a habit out of nurturing and breeding show winning Karwanis for sometime now.
Finally, realisation of a dream, Prasad has lived for 27 years now. Over 16 generations of Karwanis, since he had his first Karwani as a 13 year old.
I think, i know how he must be feeling, just from the fact that i feel lucky, proud and humbled having Ozaan(Cash's son from Mindy) in my life.

But today as i said, it saddens me to realise that it has taken us or the KCI, so many years to recognise a true beauty of nature.
And also, thinking that it takes dogs shows to wake some of us up to this mesmerising and free spirited animal.

P.S. : In picture here, the one & only CASH; Picture courtesy : Prasad Mayekar

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